2nd international certified passive house designer course in Istanbul, Turkey

The Certified Passive House Designer qualification provides candidates with all of the skills necessary to successfully design and deliver buildings to the Passive House standard. To achieve the qualification candidates will need to complete 80 hours of training by attending a 9-day ‘classroom’ based course and each candidate must successfully pass an examination set by the Passive House Institute.

International participants from the wider Black Sea and Mediterranean Area are welcomed. Please fill up the registration form below and we will arrange your participation in the course.

The course will be held from Saturday the 29th of February until the 9th of March in Istanbul, Turkey. The total cost of the course, including purchase of PHPP, examination and issue of the certificate is 1.250 euros. The Examination will organized in Istanbul and in Athens, Greece on Saturday the 21st of March.


  • The course consists of a mixture of traditional lectures and practical workshops. The Passivhaus Planning Package (PHPP) is used throughout the training.
  • HPHI (Hellenic Passive House Institute) is the partner this project. SEPEV together with HPHI, will further conduct research on South East European building practices and traditions. Moreover, the training will relate to the building practices in each country with the regional Climate specifics, which are very similar in Turkey and Greece.


  • Architects, Engineers, Contractors and Energy Consultants with existing experience in designing and delivering low-energy buildings.
  • This qualification is very technical in nature and a thorough understanding of construction techniques, building physic and low energy design concepts is needed. The background of all applicants will be reviewed in terms of education, experience etc…
  • For the effectiveness of the course the participant number will be limited. So please apply for your seat as soon as possible.
  • The language of the course will be English

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